Saturday, November 15, 2014

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~Coming Up From the Rear
Daniel 6

          Hello and thank you for reading. What a SOVEREIGN GOD we serve. As we never know who we are among let's please be mindful to love, respect, and uphold the men and women of GOD. It is our job to lift them up before CHRIST and let HIM do the deciding. With HIS LOVE do I admonish you all today that if you have been in the rear there is CHANGE in the air. And you can prepare yourself that your latter SHALL be GREATER THIS DAY. ( Haggai 2:9)(Job 8:7)
I Declare and Decree In JESUS's NAME ! HE is a RESCUING GOD. HE WILL come and get you right where you are.

             Ruth Woman, Your present position isn't your future. Who GOD has called HE will see you through to HIS EXPECTED end. You may be behind now but GOD can cause your king to have you on their heart. So much so that any discomfort that your king may have caused directly or indirectly  would cause them more. Their normal scheduled activities with their peers will halt. GOD will have your king fasting, praying and loosing sleep pleading to GOD on your behalf. Do you have a king in your life that has incidentally caused you problems and now you are in the lions den? Your king decided to sign an order that he thought was a "good idea" suggested by his elite friends and buddies. By the way your king could be your family, your marriage, your church, your job, your home, your neighbors your friends your government. And because your king signed that order ALL HELL has broken loose in your life and it looks like your demise is imminent. You have been thrown into the lions den facing destruction. BUT GOD! Because GOD is AWESOME and his ways or thoughts are not our ways or thoughts. HE was up to something. Those very elite peers of your king wanted you dead because they couldn't find no fault in you, little ole you. They dug through your past in hopes of finding DIRT to destroy, but there was none valid enough. They called your old friends, watched you closely to see you fall but to no avail. And the "excellent spirit" that God put in you shined brighter, it beamed and ultimately out shined them in all of their grandeur. And GOD protected you in the plain sight of your enemies. HE commanded your king to call out to you in the lions den by your known natural name. And then THE KING OF KINGS through your king called you by your SPIRITUAL name and then you answered the CALL. And as you answered the CALL HE also brought you out unharmed, unscratched untouched undefeated .
And now HE has plans to appoint you in high places fit for a KING. GOD'S WORD SAYs that if you are faithful over a few things HE will make you ruler over much. Stand steadfast for your GOD. And watch GOD use your king to be the very reason you  make it to your destiny and RULE over much. HALLELUJAH !!!

Alethea J. Brown, Grateful, Author, Blogger, MOM
*Writing to you through the HEART of GOD by FAITH. <3 p="">

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