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Dangerously Swerving Into Your Destiny . . . Acts 9:11

Dangerously Swerving Into Your Destiny . . .  
Acts 9:11
The Lord told him, “Go to the house of Judas on Straight Street and ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul, for he is praying.

Are you swaying and swerving back and forth like a drunk in life ?
Mesmerized by all of the exciting activity around you, so much so that you cannot seem to get it together or even focus?
 When you finally stop to access your life to determine your distance and speed
 what will your results be ?
In your  relationships,
 family and friends,
personal life,
Financial status,
child rearing,
mental capacity,
Physical endurance  
How can Saul keep doing "crazy" and actually believe that
 he in a right alignment?  He has even gone to the High Priest
 asking for letters to go into the synagogues in Damascus to find
prisoners to take captive. And all in the same breath and he was speaking
out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples.  He was certain that his
lifestyle was on course or even acceptable; Cussing and taking God’s people as his prisoners.  But he was going about it all the wrong way and thought things to be business as usual.  He was really in the middle of a 9 1 1 situation and didn't even recognize it.  He was the one who needed to be apprehended and taken captive. This man "Saul" had a following,  he was actually among people that were going along with him in his madness. Who didn't have love enough or bold enough to say, "man I think we are lost."
 Isn't it just like people to tag alone while the getting seems good, but as soon as trouble comes they become silent or say something like "I told you". When in fact they haven't said a word, but they were taking everything in so that they could have
 the story right. They'd tell their friends on Facebook and Twitter and they would upload a video or picture to show the world how sad you are. The entourage was silent, speechless as everything began to happen to Saul. Saul didn’t know what had hit him, he couldn’t see, walking blindly.  He had exhausted all
of his knowledge, his money, his mental capacity, his physical person no longer respond like it use to.  Saul had been broken down. He was lost, stuck. He couldn’t find his way if he wanted to with the condition that he was in. He was wrecked from swerving at a high speed going down hill and now blinded on the descent.
 As Saul drunkenly neared Damascus road a radiant light surrounded him beaming from the heavens and he immediately fell to the ground.  In his bewilderment
Saul could hear a sound.  It was a voice speaking to him.  Saul looked round puzzled as the voice asked him, “Why do you persecute me?”
You see even in our efforts to do good or right we can be torturing God’s people and in some cases unknowingly.  We are pressing in pursuit of everything on our agenda in the name of God and never even scratch the surface of HIS PERFECT PLANS for our life.  We mow over our friends family neighbors and co workers in a mad dash to the houses of prayer or to do duties that we believe are necessary to be called worthy.  But the plan has other instructions that we haven’t paused to listen for or read; running aimlessly swerving at a dangerous high velocity.
What are you really in pursuit of ? Fame, Fortune ?
 What are you chasing anxiously? And  is it seemingly taking you in the  opposite direction of the street called Straight, the house of Judah? This is the sane place of meditation, quiet and peace to hear what thus says the Lord.   If you are not going the direction of prayer and praise you are going in the wrong direction. But don’t worry when God is summoning you, you wont need GPS because HE is the ultimate.  HE will use whomever he pleases to get the message to you. Even his God fearing messengers are leery of interacting with you because the sights and sounds that you are putting off as you skid downhill, screeching and braking trying to get “there”. They don’t even want to touch to lay hands or talk or even look at you.  Some are even afraid of you. God has to speak firmly to them, ”Go and help this man or woman, because I have a plan for them to proclaim my gospel to my people.”
Can you imagine being a spectacle and then He turns it all around and then uses you, the same person for Glory. The person (you) become historically significant with the same skill that people doubted you for. Are you doing it ALL for HIS GLORY or for your own personal story?
And as we look at the scriptures, Saul is seeing again in about the 18th verse of  Acts, after  the man of God went as he was instructed and laid hands on him.
The Word says that it looked like scales that feel from his eyes.  I suggest that it was a physical manifestation of that he naturally wanted to see falling away.  But now there is a clearer point of view  of what God has in store.  You will be an astonishing site, the incapability will no longer be from your point of view. But it will be by those who doubted, laughed, pointed fingers lied , tricked and spitefully used you.
The word of God says that He takes the foolish things to confound the wise.
You’re getting there and you no longer have control of the wheel, the speed, or your destination. Humble yourself under the MIGHTY HAND OF GOD and HE will exalt you in due time.  You might as well let go and enjoy HIS PROVISIONS. The swerving is over and you can walk into your wealthy place in the house of Judah  on a street called STRAIGHT where healing, deliverance and blessings are overflowing.


1. And began to proclaim (preach) the gospel immediately.
2. Don't call 911 yet, help is on the way
3. swerve -  Change or cause to change direction abruptly

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