Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friendship Is Real Love

Friendship Is Real Love
I never knew love like this before, now I'm lonely never more since you came into my life.
You are my love like this I know and I'll never let you go
you my all you are part of me
Once I was lost and now I'm found and them you turned my world around when I need to call your name
cause I never knew love like this before; opened my eyes cause
I never knew love like this before; what a surprise
cause I never knew love like this before
This feeling so deep inside of me such a tender fantasy you're the one I'm living for
you're are my sunlight and my rain and time would never change what we share forever more
. . . Are the words that we sing
unashamedly when we meet "Mr. I Think He's Right". So quickly the tune changes drastically when the fantasy, party or honeymoon is over. He didn't do what you thought he should or you didn't say what he wanted you to say, because you were caught up in the wrong rapture.
Friendship is so very important between a woman and a man who are trying to establish real love. The friendship will be a solid foundation to stand on and when the hard times come, you won't be ready to quit; you can persevere.
Practice makes perfect.
If the first you don't succeed try and try again.
Find 1 billion ways to create a loving environment.

Alethea J. Brown

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