Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He said, "Relax and let me love on you."

When Jesus speaks to me, I get peace that passes understanding.
When Jesus speaks to me, the Power of God takes control, and the billows cease to roll.
Single mothers, I am certain that all things do work together for our good.
Jesus is speaking to us.
He is whispering sweet words to us, that will give us peace to relax and know that He has everything under control.
Having a relationship with Him, is like none other.
He will tell you things, and you will not want to leave.
You will want more and more and more.
Learning to let Him love on you, is only fine tuning your senses to what real love is. And it will help you identify what to expect and demand in a relationship.
It teaches you how to be still, and hear and enjoy love and its refreshing sounds.
We have not been attentive to the words that were being spoken to us. And because of it, we've lost out on some really fabulous relationships with people.
We are nurturers and we always want to do all the loving, and caring and we don't know how to receive what He has sent especially for us.
God wants to love on you, and teach you what His Love really feels like. So that you will be so sensitive to His Voice, you won't resist His Real Love when it comes.
We have been in control so long, we don't want to let go.
So we struggle.
We fight like a fish that have been caught in a net trying to get away, because it doesn't not feel natural to us; but it should.
So lets try it.
He is saying to you, "I Am, is in control today, and if you will be still for this moment, I have something I want to give you. And I have words that I haven't been able to say to you in a long time."
Do you remember what that feels like?
Take this moment to enjoy, He is waiting on you.
He said, "Relax and let Me love on you."

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