Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What a GREAT way to start off the Holidays; with EXPECTATION.
The phrase that is used most often is that it is better to give than to receive. But I guess it really depends on the moment. Because who doesn't LOVE a SURPRISE?  The SPIRIT of GOD encouraged me during prayer to "EXPECT". Well here goes with an open heart, hands stretched wide, I WAIT for "THE GIFT" with ANTICIPATION. Add your name HE can do it for you too .
With LOVE,

212 Single Moms
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~In Expectation of THE GIFT
Ruth Woman, 
Thus saith the lord
I wont ever let your house go unsupplied again
It was a sacrafice
I needed your time
I wanted your praise

Stand therefore
Live free from fear
Change is coming
I am the giver of life
I know it's hard for you (Your Name Here)  
The change will lift your head up
The change will provide for you like you've never known,
Invite me in
Never fear 
Always pray 
Trust me
I have it all under control
This is the WORD OF THE LORD.
Alethea J. Brown, Grateful, Author,  Blogger, Mom 
*Writing to you through the HEART of GOD by FAITH. <3 br="">

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