Monday, August 13, 2012


It Is Written

John 8:1-11
and Psalms 63:3,4

Written By Alethea J. Brown 

We can be just as effective even if we don't say one word. 
Many times we are tempted to respond to ignorant people and end up in places we don't desire. It sure has been a struggle for me. Especially when we are in the midst of a group of people freely giving their own opinions.  But if we can get to the point and bridle our tongues, write some things down we can avoid misrepresenting God.  Even though He understands after creating His son Jesus's, desciple named Peter. Peter was a strong, vigilant personality and sometimes the words just didn't get to the paper for editing,  they blurted out.  Effective? Sometimes and in some cases he was even rebuked. But Peter was also well known for still being very effective in preaching in God's ministry.
 I am by no means condoning or encouraging poor behavior in the community of Christ, there should be accountability and discipline. We should hold one another to a standard.  As God's Word encourages us to be HOLY, and to be an example.  First for Him out of respect and honor, and then ourselves and one another. We should strive to be better at being whole respresentatives of Christ.  We ought to try and be perfect, holy, and blameless exhibiting the characters of the Fruit of The Spirit. In spite of pitfalls that we will experience on this journey of KINGDOM building we have to try to be consistent.
Think, what if you were pushed away because of your idiosyncracies.
Let us be careful to condemn, to push away and to even ostracize people because of our self righteousness. 
We are to display love. The Word of God  says that Christians should be known for their LOVE. In the scripture John 8, Jesus already knew the people that he was dealnig with. They were opinionated, mouthy, loved to gossip, and were always in the crowd of those condeming.  So he stooped twice to write avoiding the argument that he as God had alread perceived. He knew that that here was going to be a long drawn out mess of a discussion that would be futile. Read further in the chapter to see how they debated with Jesus.  And they probably didn't spend that kind of time reading and worshiping God and wanted to give their opinion about about this womans life.  She was caught in adultry and some of the stoners were adulters too, but they just weren't caught. They wanted to stone her and kill her. How tipical of some of the "Christians" or the "Saints". Who are willing to cut down the sin instantly with a brutish energy and we have bags of stuff to be unloaded, a semi truck load if you will. Jesus stooped and wrote twice.  What was he wrting . I believe that Jesus was writing his own WORD, "It is written." Demanding Satan to  submit to His authority, Jesus Lord.  Because had he said it, those observing would have had something to say about that too. And so he stooped. And as he arose the second time the enemy and his camp had packed and left. What a powerful moment in the history of the gospel  We often want to preach, sing be heard, and sometimes our silences is equally as powerful in the SPIRIT. 
 Jesus couldn't get involved in speaking idle words, because they can be as effective as the POWER of HIS WORDS, written or spoken. That's why it is written in Matthew 12;36, that people will be held accountable for every idle word. And also the word says Matthew 4:4, we should live by every WORD that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD. Because of the LIFE giving SOURCE of the WORDS of GOD.

futile: Incapable of producing any useful result; pointless.
vigilant:  Keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties: "the burglar was spotted by vigilant neighbors".
idiosyncracy: A mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar to an individual: "one of his idiosyncrasies was always to be first".

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