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~From Famine, To Seeking Bread, To Gleaning Fields, To Gifts 
And Favor, To Exceedingly Abundantly Above in Marriage
Ruth Chapter 1-4
From Famine –
 There was scarcity, lack, barely scrapping the bottom of the barrel, starvation in the land that Ruth departed . She even experienced death in this dry region.  Ruth saw that the odds could be better anywhere but where she was. She was in a desperate place and needed to stay in the posture of prayer and faith in order to find her way.  Things didn’t look good at all.  To Seeking Bread
They attempted to find bread which means that they were actively looking for it. She was physically doing her part. People say you’ve got to do your part. But if it isn’t your season or Gods Perfect Timing to receive or find the hidden treasure, you will be just looking or attempting to find the “thing”. And you will be wasting valuable time. Perhaps prayer could lead you to the wealthy place oppose to doing things on your own.

To Gleaning Fields
Ruth has gone from seeking bread . And now she is in a place of abundance and can only get what’s  left behind in small portions.  “ But God didn’t you say this is my season”,  I’m sure Ruth was saying. But the evidence was still yet to be evident to her. She had to go out into an unfamiliar place by faith and go out of her comfort zone and glean. Ruth had to glean which is equivalent to work, but with minimum wage and lower pay.

To Gifts And Favor
But God ! As Ruth walked in obedience and still in hardship God met her there.  He begin to use the hands, influence and heart of a single man, businessman, God fearing man to comfort her on the journey.  He secretly provided extra for her with a surprise here and there and then invited her to lunch with bread and vinegar. And more favor and more gifts and sweetness was given to Ruth. Until Ruth had to ask him, why have you found favor with me.  She didn’t feel like she was even worthy to receive the things that God had orchestrated through Boaz for her.  And she hadn’t seen her best days yet.

To Exceedingly Abundantly Above in Marriage
Boaz was mesmerized, smitten, wowed, taken in by Ruth’s Woman. He told her that she had been sweeter than the former days that he had met her.  He called her “virtuous” and wanted everyone to know of her character. He wanted to tell the world about Ruth and how she was going to be his wife. But before he did, Naomi instructed Ruth again. She said I know you are excited but don’t get anxious.  Naomi said to wait right here. Because a man that is serious won’t rest until he has done whatever it takes to make you his wife. And Ruth waited. And the rest is HIS-tory.  Make up your mind that you are going to do the necessary things to please God. The Word says to seek ye first the Kingdom of God and ALL. He didn’t say that the way would be easy or a cake walk.  But he did say that my sheep know my voice and another they will not follow. There was a Kindred Spirit from the very beginning. A match made. Ladies Gods Got It !

Alethea J. Brown, Grateful, Author,Blogger, Mom
*Writing to you through the HEART of GOD by FAITH.

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