Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let Go You Are Hurting Me !!!

Let Go You Are Hurting ME !
By Alethea J. Brown, Author 
Inspired by John 4 :11

I assure you that letting go isn't easy. We have all had to let go of our favorite dresses, our children going to college, perhaps our spouses who's left to find love otherwise.  We all have had to experience the hurt of letting go. We have even had to let our small toddlers go who have just arrived into the world and it seems as though they are demanding their independence. 
 Let me go you are hurting ME. 
How did it really feel the moment you knew that you could no longer hold on or that was imperative that you take your hands off of a matter or thing?
In most cases there was some sort of hurt or disappointment. We have seen many instances that require a person to release something because the tighter that they held on the worst the situation got. 
They literally had to throw it down or let go with urgency. And not because of the pain that he or she was experiencing but because of the pain that they were applying to the thing or person that they were holding. 
Let go you are hurting me !
The grip is so tight that it is literally destroying the thing that is being held unknowingly. 
It is dying under the pressure when instead it should be receiving LIFE. 
There are other areas that we hold and cause destruction such as grudges, anger, shame your past life experiences.  It all has a debilitating effect on you and it if you continue with the grip.
God commands that we release all of the LIFE circumstances to HIM.  So that HE may breathe HIS EVERLASTING LIFE into the thing that you think that you can't live without. When in fact it is fear that is holding you from facing your bright future. 
Great things are awaiting you. There may be a new job, home, new family by marriage, new career altogether. There may also just be the simple peace or joy in your home that you've missed or unity among your family members. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against rulers in high places, principalities of darkness (Satan).
There is a scripture that says,"Forget not all of HIS BENEFITS. . . Psalm 103:1-11. And it could be so easy if we are rooted and grounded in the WORD of the LORD. We should saturate ourselves, soak, marinate our minds and hearts in GODS HOLY WORD. Therefore humble ourselves under the MIGHTY HAND of GOD and HE will exalt you in due time (I Peter 5:6). I am sure that HE is sadden and hurt by our human strength that wants to do it all on our own. 
He is waiting to lift the heavy burden, brighten your dark paths, send the devil running, fill your empty cupboard, draw LIVING WATERS to quench your thirst. And because we are fighting to hold it, HE is saying, 
"Let go you are hurting me !"
"I can set you free,  comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be will be set free."
(Isaiah 61:1) 
HE is an ALMIGHTY GOD who can do the impossible, unthinkable, the miraculous, the SUPERNATURAL !!! 

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