Sunday, January 23, 2011

Colorful Balloon Bouquets, Bears With Wings and "Blush Crush" Roses

Colorful Balloon Bouquets, Bears With Wings and "Blush Crush" Roses

Here he comes; my secret crush.
I wonder who is he ordering fresh cut roses for this year?
I am creating gifts and arranging flowers for sale and he is here to support me.
But he doesn't know that he just asked (me) a girl that is mad about him to arrange one dozen roses and balloons for his unnamed recipient; secretly wishing they were for me. How could it be? He doesn't even know.
He seemed so calm but I was trembling like leaf.
I was trying to be cool, but oh my God; it's him and he is buying roses and balloons. Maybe they are for his mother, grandmother or even his favorite aunt. Or maybe they are for his one true love and he will give them to her for Valentines Day, propose and they will live together happily ever after.
Well, to this day I never knew who received those colorful balloons bouquets, bears with wings and "blush crush" roses,
but those were not for me.

February 14th Valentines Day!
Share your Valentines Day story !

Secretly Submitted : )'
Alethea J. Brown

p.s. I hope I can find the pictures to share.

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