Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coming Soon !!!!!

Miss Brown's Book Nook
"From Kinder To College"

Wriiten by Alethea J. Brown

Ilustrated by Deirdre S. Brown

This book is to encourage small children to think about college.

What college will I go to when I graduate?

A familiar tune that all children should be singing and dancing to.
Creating steps towards college and looking foward to their dreams. When you tell a child that they are college material and they can accomplish their dreams,
it starts the rebuilding of a new nation.
Miss Brown's Book Nook
will only create stories that will encourage children to play while learning. A very important key to forming successful communnity leaders, compassionate citizens, entrepreneurs and employees.
Leaders are born, so you should nurture them with empowerment.
This book will be available soon.
Alethea J. Brown, Author

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